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Drug and Alcohol Enrollment



Unified Carrier Registration


Coast to Coast Consortium is a group of companies in the trucking industry that contains a pool of drivers for alcohol and drug screenings.

We work to maintain compliance with the USDOT in order to save you thousands of dollars in potential fines.

Our job is to act as a concierge and provide everything you need to stay in compliance with the USDOT random drug and alcohol requirements.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), along with the Department of Transportation (DOT), requires that persons subject to the commercial driver’s license (CDL) requirements and their employers follow alcohol and drug testing rules. These rules include procedures for testing, frequency of tests, and substances tested for.

Who's Impacted?

  • Anyone employing CDL drivers to operate commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) on public roads
  • CDL drivers who operate CMVs on public roads
  • Interstate motor carriers
  • Federal, State, and local governments
  • Civic organizations (disabled veteran transport, boy/girl scouts, etc.)
  • Faith-based organizations


Are you a driver with questions on drug and alcohol testing rules and regulations?

We are here to help you find answers to these common questions:

  • Who is tested?
  • Which substances are tested?
  • When does testing occur?
  • What are the testing procedures?
  • What if I fail or refuse a test?
  • What resources are available to drivers?

FMCSA Commercial Driver's License
Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse

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    707 E 41st St #230
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